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Martin Garrix interview : South America Tour, IDEM EP, AI in Music...

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Martin Garrix at Ushuaïa Ibiza 2024 on garrixers.com

Martin Garrix just finished his South America tour full of energy. The appropriate time to reflect on artificial intelligence and its future, and his upcoming IDEM EP.

Twelve years after his debut single, our favorite DJ stays humble (OK, we already knew that) : “I often feel that I am still at the beginning, I really try to stay as normal as possible. My family, friends and team also have a large part in this. “

The South America tour started on February 23rd, 2024 in Bogota, Colombia, actually Martin’s first show of the year. The show planned in Quito, Ecuador, was delayed to December 5th because of current events. Then, he performed to Santa Cruz, Bolivia (February 29th), San Miguel, Peru (March 1st) and to Santiago, Chile (March 2nd) for his sold-out finale in front of 15,000 fans.

,, This tour was very special. South America is one of my favorite places to do shows, because the energy of the audience is always so high here, the show in Colombia was actually one of the best shows ever in terms of energy “- Martin Garrix

This South American tour is about 12000 km from Amsterdam, so for Martin and his team, it is a lot of travel, staying fit is therefore the credo. ,, So eating healthier, that means less pizza. And a lot of sports works as a relaxation for me. I’ve just been to Aruba and started windsurfing there. That is a good way for me to empty my head. “

Garrix has been running almost a generation now (“I was of course very young when this all started”). His debut single Animals was released in 2013. He is completely intertwined with his genre, the popular electronic music, but this is of course constantly subject to change. Where the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in many professional groups may define their future, artificial intelligence is not yet a theme for Garrix, although he also sees the benefits of it.

,,I think it is scary that computers can now imitate specific voices. Making music is something very personal for me. That is a bit lost when I work with AI. That’s why I’m not using it right now. “ - Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix in Santiago de Chile, March 2024 on garrixers.com

After this tour, Martin Garrix will perform at Saudi Arabia Formula 1 Grand Prix and Ultra Miami, but before that, on March 8th 2024, he will release “Idem”, his new EP.

“IDEM will contains songs that I played a lot in my sets in the past year and that many fans were really waiting for for a long time.”

The three first tunes, Carry You, Breakaway and Biochemical are already out.

Interview by Peter Schouten for AD (NL)


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