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In interview with Area21

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Martijn was inspired to create music from a very early age. Born on 14th May of 1996 in the outskirts of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, if wasn’t long before he started guitar lessons. However, his first major inspiration came aged just eight when he watched the opening ceremony of 2004 Olympic Games on television. This event featured a set by DJ Tiësto, an experience which transformed the way Martijn thought about music.

Then, he downloaded the FL Studio mixing software to which he has remained faithful ever since. Aged just 14 he enrolled with the Herman Brood Academie music production school to work on his artistic and technical ability, and to make personal contacts. He became a “ghost producer” creating work for other artists while remaining anonymous. Then his fist big break came in 2012 when he was signed by Spinnin’ Records.


WARNING ! Due to the current situation, All shows can be canceled or delayed, make sure to keep in touch with the different organisations before travelling ! There are also some travel restrictions in several countries.

03 DEC 2021

Liv Club - Basel Special
Miami,FL - USA

16 DEC 2021

Coca Cola Arena
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

1X DEC 2021

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

11 FEB 2022

Dooms night festival
Vancouver - Canada

XX FEB 2022

Ibiza Spirit
Cancun - Mexico

20 MAR 2022

Lollapalooza Argentina
San Isidro - Argentina

25 MAR 2022

Ultra Music Festival
Miami, FL - USA

26 MAR 2022

Estereo Picnic Festival
Bogota - Columbia

27 MAR 2022

Lollapalooza Brasil
Sao Paulo - Brasil

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The Ride: Martin Garrix

In 2016, MTV produced a documentary about Martin Garrix career. Here it is :

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