Release Date : Mar 01, 2024
Medium : Streaming + Video
Produced by : Martin Garrix, Seth Hills


with Seth Hills

Biochemical was released on March 01st, 2024, as the third track from upcoming IDEM EP, following Carry you and Breakaway.

Premiered at Ultra Miami 2023 as the intro song, it set the tone for the rest of Garrix’s ID-filled show. The track's strings and orchestral elements created an atmospheric experience, sending chills down the spines of the captivated crowd. The explosive combination of powerful synths and bass further solidified "Biochemical" as a standout moment in Garrix's ID-filled showcase. After its debut, it continued to serve as a monumental intro for some of Garrix's subsequent performances, building anticipation and excitement among fans worldwide.

“Martin and I have been friends for years, and we have always been down to work on a track together. We always bounced ideas around looking for the perfect fit. When we made ‘Biochemical’ we immediately knew this was the one. Seeing it played out on the mainstages opening Martin’s insane set, and the endless responses we got to it has been a surreal experience.”
- Seth Hills


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