Release Date : Feb 23, 2024
Medium : Streaming + Video
Produced by : Martin Garrix, Mesto


with Mesto, feat. Wilhelm

Breakaway was released on February 23rd, 2024, as the second track from upcoming IDEM EP, following Carry you, Martin Garrix worked alongside childhood friend and exceptional producer Mesto. The vocals by WILHELM add the cherry on top of the infectious track.

‘’Breakaway’’, originally premiered as an electrifying ID at Ultra Miami 2023. It is a euphoric masterpiece that captures the unmistakable synergy between Martin Garrix and Mesto. The childhood friends, known for their seamless collaboration, have once again combined their talents to deliver a dynamic track.

‘’The making of Breakaway has got to be one of the most fun projects Martin and I have worked on together so far. After he premiered an early version of the song at Ultra Miami, we’ve both played it throughout the summer and hearing the crowd sing along to the melodies was truly crazy. It was only a few weeks ago we decided to finish the song, and when we did, we couldn’t stop adding stuff to it. Every time we thought it was finished, one of us added an element which made the track 100x cooler, haha. That’s why it’s always a pleasure working with Marty! On top of that Wilhelm did a great job on the vocals which was the final finishing touch. I hope you guys will love the track as much as we do!’’
- Mesto


garrixers Lyrics

Written by Martijn Garritsen, Melle Stomp, Wilhelm Börjesson

I was chasing every bright light
But the traces never led me there
I was caving to my own mind
And the grain just never seemed to clear

I'm not wasting life again
'Cause you made me understand
If I ever need an escape
Oh, you will be my breakaway

Oh, you will be my breakaway
Oh, you will be my breakaway

Oh, you will be my breakaway

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