Martin Garrix to launch his debut club album!


Martin Garrix - Sentio

Martin Garrix just revealed he will release his first club album, on April 29th, 2022!

April 1st may be April's fools day, but there are also real news published this day. Martin Garrix just announced on his social media he will release his first club album, entitled Sentio, by the end of this month. Martin dropped Follow (with Zedd) last Friday, Limitless (with Mesto) today and will continue to publish tunes on Tuesdays and Fridays up to the album's release.

After a long hiatus due to Covid-19, Martin Garrix is back on the spotlights. He started his 2022 World Tour last month in South America and will perform more than 100 shows this year, including a new residency at Ushuaia, Ibiza.

‘’The crazy thing is I’ve never released a Garrix album. During COVID I made zero club music because it felt weird to make festival music when there were no shows. When the shows came back I had so much new, revived energy that I made tons of new club music. We’ve decided to release a lot of the tracks in the coming weeks and bundle them into a club album. I feel like people have collected new energy the past two years, and I can't describe how amazing it feels to be back on tour and seeing everyone's reactions to all the new music.''

Martin Garrix released his first single, ITSA, almost exactly 10 years ago, on April 9th, 2012. Since his first title, he dropped more than 60 singles including the famous Animals, In the name of love, Scared to be lonely and We are the people. He also released several EP (Seven, Bylaw) and an album under his alias Area21. Sentio will be his first album under the Martin Garrix name.

Check our Sentio page here!


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