Area21 debut album is out!


Area21 Greatest Hits Vol.1 is out

Today is the day! Area21's debut album, simply called Greatest Hits, Vol.1 is released! We've been waiting for it for 5 years, so it's a huge event

Over the past 9 months, AREA21 have released a series of songs and videos detailing the interstellar adventures of Garrix and Maejor’s alien alter egos, M & M, with a narrative that tackled some of life’s biggest questions and transformed them into music that’s thought-provoking and relatable. In fact, it was M & M who inspired the album title. Notes Maejor, “When the aliens first came to Earth, all of their favorite albums had the title ‘Greatest Hits.’ They didn’t know you were supposed to have many albums out before you made a greatest hits album.” Greatest Hits Vol. 1 includes previous releases such as “La La La,” “Lovin’ Every Minute,” “Own The Night” and “Followers,” but also sends 6 brand new tracks into the stratosphere including the lead single and latest in the series of animated videos ‘Time Machine.’

In ‘Time Machine’ they contemplate going back to relive simple moments of their youth, but in the end realize that enjoying life in the moment is most important. The video mirrors this sentiment with a wistful look back at alien travelers M & M’s early years as well as a recap of their journey so far here on earth and features the characters they’ve met along the way including a Marvel-style group shot at the end as the M & M spaceship takes off. Where they’re headed will be revealed in the next chapter. Stay tuned.


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