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Martin Garrix live 2022

After a 2 year hiatus, Martin Garrix is back in South America for his new tour. It all started on March 19 in Lollapallooza Chile. In front of a crazy crowd, the producer introduced 10 new ID including the long-awaited collaboration with Zedd.

The last time Martin Garrix came to South America was in February 2020, he didn't know it yet but the first shows of the year would be the last for almost 2 years! Everyone knows what happened next… but now our favorite DJ is back with a brand new show.

On the 2022 stage, the traditional huge "plus" stands behind the DJ, there are big screens all around and inside the plus. Everything seems bigger than ever. Martin Garrix came on stage with a brand new opening, the audience was very festive and excited, they turned crazy on Tremor and Animals.

After years of waiting, Martin Garrix performed his new song, produced with Zedd, who was on FaceTime Live at the time. A surprisingly good mix between Garrix and Zedd specific styles, nice drop! Our favorite producer also performed many of his remixed hits such as Break through the silence, Lions in the Wild or Scared to be Lonely, and he played 10 (!) new IDs! Most of them are should be out later this year, we expect Martin Garrix’s new single, following Don’t let you go, later this month. month.

After Chile, Martin Garrix flew to Peru and Argentina for two more festivals. During the third one, he closed the festival as the only performer all stages included, which generated a massive influx of people totalising more than 100,000 people! For security reasons, Martin Garrix had to pause the show for a while to disperse the crowd.

With nearly 100 shows planned, it looks like post-Covid life is here. Martin Garrix’s next appearance will be this Friday night at Ultra Miami, the set will be streamed live on YouTube.


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