Euro2020 Grand Final


Martin Garrix - We are the People UEFA Euro 2020 official anthem

Tomorrow, it will be the end of the 2020 European Championship, the appropriate time for Martin Garrix to give us his last secrets about "We Are the People" in an exclusive interview for Albanian magazine Telegrafi.

The long-awaited match between Italy and England will be the final of a special race and accompanied by a lot of emotion, love for football and a championship which united all the countries of Europe after a difficult year away, due to COVID-19.

As we have seen the matches that have been played continuously during Euro 2020, no less attention has been drawn to the song that has been played continuously in the background, which has followed every game of the European Championship.

The song entitled “We Are The People” was the official song of Euro 2020, composed by DJ number one in the world, Martin Garrix, and performed by two famous soloists of U2, Bono and The Edge.

And for the “secret” hidden behind this cover song, Martin Garrix in an exclusive interview for Telegrafi, told us its meaning – the way it came to the selection by UEFA and the collabaration with U2.

Martin also spoke about his desire to visit Kosovo again in the near future, after a good experience that he had in 2018 with his performance at the Sunny Hill Festival.

Martin you’ve realized the theme song for European Football Championship named “We Are The People” , tell us about it , how did it come you being the interpreter of the theme song and then the co-operation with U2?
Martin Garrix: It’s one of the biggest things I’ve ever done, so it’s a huge honor. My first response, when UEFA reached out for me to do the music for the tournament, was disbelief and then when things actually were confirmed, it turned from disbelief into being very nervous, but also very excited and very grateful that they put their trust, for the music and everything, in my hands, which is still very surreal.
I had this demo, and it sounded a little bit like The Edge, the intro guitar, and Bono. And then we were talking about who would be incredible to have part of the song I honestly didn’t even think about reaching out to Bono and The Edge because it seemed so impossible. And then UEFA and the team said, “Well, if you don’t ask, you’ll always have no for an answer”. So we ended up sending the demo over and then, I think a few hours later, I was on the phone with Bono talking about the song. He was singing along the melody lines and I had to mute myself every now and then just to scream and then unmute and play it cool. It was just crazy because the last thing that I expected was for him to be so open-minded and so cool and like, “Sure, let’s try it out”. And he was, from day one, excited, super-involved, really pushed the song.

Why exactly did you name it “We Are The People”. What was the concept behind this song about Euro 2020? hands, which is still very surreal.
Martin Garrix: We took a lot of inspiration from how football made us feel and how it unites people, how it brings people together. We really, really tried to capture that feeling of euphoria, excitement and happiness. The crazy thing about this song is that we wrote it before COVID-19 happened, but I feel like right now, or at least I hope, it will resonate with people even more because I feel like, in general, the world needs something hopeful, something exciting, something uplifting again; especially after this crazy last year.

While we are at football, are you a fan of this sport and are you watching the recent interesting matches? hands, which is still very surreal.
Martin Garrix: I’ve watched some of the matches yes, and got to experience the game up close at the Amsterdam Arena when The Netherlands were playing against North Macedonia. It was such a surreal experience to hear ‘We Are The People’ being played in the stadium for the first time. I had goosebumps.

You are Dutch, and probably because of that you are supporting Netherlands. Are you happy about your country’s performance so far? Which team do you think will win the Euro 2020 trophy?
Martin Garrix: Well.. we’re out of the tournament now unfortunately. I’ve been so set on The Netherlands getting far this year that it’s difficult. Maybe Italy?

You were in Kosovo, three years ago for the Sunny Hill festival… Tell us, would you come back in Kosovo for another performance, how was your time here back then? Any beautiful memory?
Martin Garrix: Absolutely! Sunny Hill was such an amazing festival and Kosovo is really beautiful. I can’t wait to get back to touring and finally being able to party together again.

While we mention Albanians, you have two very successful features with two Albanian artists with international fame, Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa. Tell us, how it was working with these two artists?
Martin Garrix: It was amazing to work with the both of them. They are so talented and are absolutely killing it. I’m super proud I have tracks with both of them.

What song would you choose between “In The Name Of Love” and “Scared To Be Lonely”?
Martin Garrix: That’s like choosing between two children, I love them both!

And for the last question, whats your message for the readers of this interview, especially football fans?
Martin Garrix: Stay safe and I hope to be able to see you guys very soon on tour again!

Original interview for Telegrafi, July 2021.


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