Area21: Mona Lisa


Martin Garrix - We are the People UEFA Euro 2020 official anthem

"So much stuff (Area21) want", including Mona Lisa! We can't promise her to them, neither a drink with James Bond, but we can promise them people will enjoy the tune.

Following La La La and Pogo, Area21 is back with the third single of their upcoming and debut album, which will be out at Hollywood Records this fall. Once again, Martin Garrix and Maejor teams on an energetic and positive adventure by their alien duet, M&M.

«"It's a crazy thing. M&M are on Earth and say, ‘What are you guys doing?’. They don't understand the borders between countries… They want to do a gig with spaceships above people. I am really excited about this project» declared Martin Garrix about Area21.

After Las Vegas, Area21 landed in Paris where they discover Mona Lisa, one the major all-time art icon of our World. Listen/watch the video here :


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