Crown of 70,000 for Martin Garrix's concert in Haute Normandie (France)

Original article published on France 3 (FR) - July 5th, 2014

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After the World Cup match and the return of good weather, record attendance for the second free concert broadcast live on the website of France 3 Haute-Normandie.

A huge success

Record beaten for the "concerts of the region" of Friday, July 4th. From the beginning of the performance of Martin Garrix, the comments of Internet users flocked to the Facebook page of France 3 Haute-Normandie. Many were surprised to hear the bass sounds of the sound system several miles away! Others expressed dissatisfaction. But the vast majority of them are messages of thanks that were published until late at night!


Martin Garrix is a young Dutch disc jockey and one of the revelations of the year 2013 in the electro-dance register. His single "Animals" has been a hit all over the world and has even made it one of the top Charts in many countries.

Martin Garrix live in Rouen on