THX Thanks Martin Garrix


Martin Garrix THX fan project

During the Covid-19 pandemia lockdown, Dutch producer Martin Garrix performed several online shows for his fans, including his very own, from his appartment’s rooftop, then a set from the top of A’dam tower for Radio 538, others for QMusic, NRJ Radio, and of course the famous “Live on Dutch Waters” which completes 3+ millions views on YouTube.

Garrixers (Martin Garrix’s fans) wanted to thank Martin Garrix for everything he did for us during this time. We collected many videos recorded by fans from all over the World, we compiled 90 of them in a 11-Minutes video. This is a collective project hosted by website, @garrixerscom and @martingarrixfr_ Instagram pages. In addition, two musicians covered Martin Garrix’s music in the video’s background : Max Pandemix on the piano and Joni Laakkonen on the guitar.

“I love this, Thank you so much”
- Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix saw the video and loved it. Make sure to follow @garrixerscom and @martingarrixfr_ on Instagram to not to miss our next events ! Watch the video below :


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