Higher Ground, Martin Garrix's new single


Martin Garrix and John Martin for Higher Ground

Today, May 14th 2020, Martin Garrix celebrates his 24th birthday and he releases his new single "Higher Ground", the end of an unexpected journey !

Martin Garrix, John Martin and their friends started working on Higher Ground in October 2019. During the Winter, the work on the tune continued and it was planned to be released in August 2020, following the UEFA theme song. It would be performed first during Tomorrowland Festival and would become the outro of Garrix's shows for the rest of season.

But in March of 2020, everything changed. All shows and public events, including the UEFA Euro 2020 was canceled or postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemia. The UEFA theme song was postponed to April 2021 so there were no single ready for spring 2020 ! John Martin recorded the last vocals and Martin Garrix mastered the tune during the lockdown and we were able to listen to it for the first time when Martin gave a virtual set from his rooftop (Higher ground...) in April 2020.

For the videoclip, Martin invited his fans to send photos and videos to do a patchwork. You can watch it here.


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