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A memorable ADE 2023

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On the occasion of ADE 2023, Martin Garrix returned to the tradition of his two big solo shows at RAI, sold out for months, in addition to his Label night. Here is the story of a weekend as we like it!

After two canceled editions and a reduced edition last year, ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) 2023 broke all records with more than 500,000 visitors from 150 different countries! Martin Garrix fans began to flock to Amsterdam on Thursday, October 19. That evening, it was STMPD Label Night at the AIR club.

STMPD Label Night

Like last year, several STMPD artists performed 45-minutes sets. Alongside big ones such as Blinders, Dubvision, Justin Mylo, Julian Jordan and TV Noise, we were able to discover new in-house talents like Eleganto and Merow, who has just had an exceptional year by winning the Garrix x JBL Academy and had three sets in three days, including one as the opening act for Martin Garrix at RAI!

During the evening, we also heard Nuzb, Magnificence, Moski, Mesto, Seth Hills and Vluarr. Obviously, the highlight of the show was the "Special Guest" Martin Garrix who entered with his legendary Animals-Poison intro and who performed his hits for 45 minutes accompanied by the full house singing all his songs.

In the second Air room performed Zootah, Duke & Jones, Lavern, Citadelle, Mikey Barreneche and Andrew Mathers.

This year edition was even better than last year, depsite some stupid people who pushed that Martin had to tell them to stop it. The club was a little bit less crowded so we had an amazing time

Martin Garrix x JBL Store

As you probably know, Martin teams up with JBL as ambassador. To celebrate that, JBL shared the annual Martin Garrix pop-up store at Art'otel. It was the perfect place to hear some STMPD artists live, playing games and shopping merch, including the new JBL Flip 6 Garrix special edition and the charity bills.

Martin Garrix x JBL Store during ADE 2023 on garrixers.com

King of RAI

We've been waiting 4 years since the last solo shows at RAI. This is why the two concerts was sold out so early (in Spring)!
So despite the bad weather, people came early to wait on line to applauss Martin Garrix. In 2 or 3 hours the huge room of RAI was full. Until Martin's show started, a system of lights and smoke masked the design of his stage.

IDEM was the name of this show. This is the final chapter of the three previous shows (since 2017) depicting the meeting betweem human conscience and artificial intelligence. A complete article will be available on garrixers.com by the end of this year concerning the full journey.

Once again, it was huge! The stage was composed of 302 m2 curved, transparant LED screens in the shape of a DNA string. Furthermore the set consisted of a lot of other technical equipment, among which 536 moving light fixtures, 155 speakers, 58 Lasers, 50 cyberhoists and 1,5 kilometers of truss! Imagined by Gabe Fraboni, Martin and his team, the show was produced by Unlimited. Nomobo filmed both sets in 6K video with Dolby Atmos® sound for a future broadcast.

Martin Garrix stage design at RAI ADE 2023 on garrixers.com

Image : IDEM stage design at RAI 2023

Friday evening was a 3-hours 18+ show and Saturday was a 2,5 hours all ages show. If you ask yourself what are the differences between the two of it, there aren't so many changes except than the sound is louder and you can buy beer on 18+ show. Also, the audience is pretty different as you have all kind of people on Friday night (i mean, when I write night, it is really night as the show was from 1.00am to 4.00am) as the Saturday show is more like families, young friends and more. Martin Garrix gave the best of himself in both shows as usual.

After 20 or 30 shows, I am always amazed by the energy and the high quality of Martin's shows. Lights, lasers, fireworks, we had everything. He really know how to direct a foul with his "Let me see your hands in this air", "3,2,1, let's go" and his "Yeeahhh, Yooohhh, Yeeahhh, Yooohhh", surreal.

In the venue, there was foodtrucks and drinks. The price was very affordable, €8,00 for a pizza, €3,50 for a Diet Coke, which isn't the case at every concert. There was also a Martin Garrix store, when fans were able to buy merchandising. There was an exclusive RAI 2023 tee-shirt.

Garrixers fans convention 2023

To conclude this amazing weekend, Garrixers.com hosted his annual Martin Garrix fans convention. Of course, it's nothing compared to Martin's shows, but it's always a plesant time when we can meet others fans and talk about our Garrixers community and our favorite artist.

During this event, we watched an exclusive "Pressure" extented videoclip and we introduiced to the others fans our Team Garrixers fanclub project and the Garrixers Magazine. We got a lot of positive feedback and are excited to continue this project. Then, Anne won our giveaway to win a JBL Martin Garrix Flip 6 special edition, offered by JBL Europe, and finally we had a "Garrix sounds" party hosted by DJ Teulix feat. Zanders. For most of us, it was the finale event of ADE 2023, a memorable ADE.


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