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For the first time since 2019, Martin Garrix is back in India. And for the first time ever, he will perform across the country for a 9-dates tour.

Simply entitled "Martin Garrix India Tour 2023", our favorite producer is back in India for 9 shows. Yesterday was his first performance, in Bengaluru, Kannuru, he will perform there again tonight for a sold-out show. Then, Martin will play in Hyderabad (March 4th), Chennai (March 5th), Pune (March 8th), Mumbai (March 8th, 2nd show of day), Kolkata (March 10th), Delhi NCR (March 11th) and Ahmedabad (March 12th).

Martin Garrix India Tour 2023 on

Martin Garrix live in Bengaluru, March 2nd 2023 - Photo : Louis Van Baar

For the occasion, Martin Garrix answered some questions to Indian journalists, here is a selection of it :

This is your sixth visit to India. Apart from the fans, what keeps you coming back?
For me, it is such a special and unique country. Every time I am here, I get inspired by the people and the culture and also at the shows; there is so much energy and love from the fans. That’s definitely what keeps bringing me back to the country.

Besides your performances, what are you looking forward to from your visit? Are there any places you would like to explore?
My India Tour travel schedule is quite hectic. I will see if I can fit in some visits to landmarks or at least try to stroll around a bit. I love to experience the culture of the countries I visit.

Martin Garrix in Taj Mahal, India, in 2014 on

Martin Garrix in Taj Mahal, India - 2014

You recently released Hero in collaboration with Marvel and JVKE. How did that project come about?
Marvel Snap approached us to create a song for their brand-new game. I love exploring new territories with my music and creating music for a game is a different process. Working with the superhero theme we created Hero and I am super excited we had JVKE on the song as well. He is an amazing vocalist.

In the last five years, how would you say your music has evolved?
I always like to experiment and explore when it comes to my sound. I have reached out and tried other styles and genres but there is still so much I would like to discover. It might sound crazy, but I still feel like I am at the start.

Which genre do you enjoy the most?
I don’t have a favourite, to be honest. I like the different dynamics you can add to your set by playing different genres.

What kind of tracks can the audience expect at your performances during this tour?
The Garrix hits will be featured in my set of course, as well as some new music. I always have to make sure I play songs the crowd wants to hear and combine those tracks with some exciting new music.

As a young artist, how challenging has it been for you to keep up with the benchmark year after year?
Even though it’s a huge honour, of course, my main goal with my music is not to get into lists or charts but to make people happy. I am grateful for all the support I get and to be able to play my music and do shows all over the world.

Martin Garrix India Tour 2023 on

Martin Garrix live in Bengaluru, March 2nd 2023 - Photo : Louis Van Baar

What is the one lesson you learnt by being a part of the music industry?
I have learnt that you always need to stay true to yourself and be kind to everyone you meet.

You are seen very often on Formula 1 tracks. Tell us about your love for it and the racers you cheer for.
I love the atmosphere and adrenaline that Formula 1 brings with it. The dedication of the F1 fans is a beautiful sight to behold. I am cheering for my friends of course!

What are some of your other hobbies?
I love sports such as skiing, snowboarding and windsurfing.

Name three artistes who you are following currently?
Vluarr, Nuzb and Citadelle are artistes you should keep an eye on!

What other projects do you have in the pipeline?
I have been working on music for a new series that I am very excited about. And in addition to that, loads of new Garrix music is in the works, as well!

Later this month, Martin Garrix will travel back to Europe when he will perform in France, at Tomorrowland Winter, and then in Ultra Miami. Check his updated Tour planning here. Next month, after several shows in the USA, his team and him will host the very first JBL x Martin Garrix music academy in Amsterdam, in front of 40 lucky emergent musicians.


Martin Garrix India Tour 2023 on

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