Martin Garrix at Tomorrowland Around the World


Martin Garrix at Tomorrowland around the World

The 2020 edition of Tomorrowland was supposed to take place this weekend in Boom, Belgium. For several years, Martin Garrix performs a show for the closing night. This year, because of Covid-19 pandemia, the festival was cancelled, but a virtual online festival was launched.

June 2020. It's a sunny day in Boom, Belgium. The "Tomorrowland" park is empty and this year, it will remain without any audience. Not so far from here, DJ Martin Garrix travelled from Amsterdam, NL, to perform his show, between huge green screens in a warehouse. He will play a 1-hour set in front of 10-15 people from the festival management and his team.

Just like Martin Garrix, around 60 others artists (including Katy Perry, David Guetta, Tiesto...) recorded their shows in Boom (Belgium), LA (USA), Sao Paolo (Brazil) and Sydney (Australia) to take part to the first ever Tomorrowland Around the World virtual festival, for a total of more than 300 TB (equal to 329.853.597.770.307 bytes) of raw footage !

200 people worked during the last 2 months to create this amazing virtual festival, with 3D layouts, stages, lights and music. As a result, fans from all over the World was able to live this 2-day festival, just like a real one but... at home.

"It's very futuristic. It's very special. I was visualing the crowd in front of me, the energy and I think that's what people need to do at their house as well. Visualizing that they are there. I'm very pround and grateful and I am very excited for the world to see it."
- Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix at Tomorrowland Around the World on

Photo : On the app, fans can enjoy a special performance by Martin Garrix.

About Martin Garrix's show. He performed a very personnal set including 8 ID from STMPD artists (Martin himself, YTRAM, Dubvision...), new mashups : Like I do / Love You Better, Backlash / Ocean... many new and rare live remixes (In the name of Love, No sleep, There for you...) and the new outro : Higher Ground / Forbidden Voices mashup.

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