Vacation in Antarctica


Antarctica 2020

On, we don't use to talk about Martijn's private life, but as he published on social media, we suppose we can share some news about his current vacation !

After a busy week in studio, wish Osrin and Georgia Ku (who co-wrote "Scared to be lonely") working on Martin's new single, our favorite musician flew to Chile last friday. From there, he flew to... Antarctica !

Martin Garrix spend this free time on a cruise, along with his friends and family in a relative calm and cold place, so opposite to the festival ambiance. He's able to visit the South Shetland Island, the antartic peninsula with amazing views, and King George Island. If he sails far south, he will cross the Polar Circle.

Before going back to Chile, Martin will make more memories by watching penguins, whales, seals and seabirds. This is a so beautiful and wild adventure !

Have a nice vacation, Martijn !


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