Release Date : Oct 17, 2018
Medium : Streaming + Video
Produced by : Martin Garrix



Another day, another Martin Garrix music video, as the Dutch DJ and producer builds toward his Amsterdam Dance Event concerts. "Access," out today (Oct. 18) is the fourth in a series of releases. It's a solo effort and an instrumental built from bold beats and bright, colorful synth melodies, akin to previous singles "Oops" and "Forbidden Voices." - Billboard

All the music videos released this week follow a surreal, virtual theme. In "Access," we dive deep into the human brain, which is a lot like a computer, when you think about it. Here, the brain is a psychedelic wonderland where tiny humans run around on gridded surfaces between towering heads. It's still got that old-school cybernetic aesthetic, it's just been internalized.

This acclaimed tune by Martin Garrix premiered on a livestream in February 2017. It was then known by the fans as "Chinatown" and Martin played it many times live during the 2017-2018 season. The final title is Access.

garrixers Videoclip

Directed by Damian Karsznia.

garrixers Lyrics

Song written by
Albin Andreas Nedler, Bonn, Martin Garrix.

No lyrics (instrumental)