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Martin Garrix has now his own stamp

Today is a highlight in Martin Garrix’s life. As he celebrates his 25th birthday, the young producer releases the long-awaited UEFA Euro 2020 Anthem featuring U2’s Bono and The Edge.

At the end of his concert in Amsterdam, on October 19th 2019, Martin Garrix surprised everyone when he came back on stage saying «Wait, wait, wait... I want you to know the craziest thing in my life, tonight...» then a video was broadcasted on the huge screens annoucing Martin Garrix will compose the official music for UEFA Euro 2020 Soccer tournament featuring a major European performer.

«Music is my passion, but I’m also a huge football fan, so it’s extra special for me to be able to create the official song for what will be the biggest EURO in history» declared Martin Garrix.

«We Are The People» was developed with composer Franck van der Heijden, and pianist Giorgio Tuinfort. It was supposed to be released on May 14th, 2020 but because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Euro 2020 was delayed to 2021, just like the anthem. Exactly one year later, today, the song is out.

Martin began work on the song three years ago. Early in the process, he noticed the guitar intro had somewhat of a U2 vibe to it. It made him think that bringing actual members of the band into the fold would take the song to a whole new level, but it felt like an impossible dream. “And then my manager was like, ‘Well you can always try to reach out to U2”

Much to his shock, Bono called Garrix the very night to talk it over. “At one point he was singing new melodies” Garrix said. “And mind you, I think this was six hours after we sent the email to them asking whether they were interested. I remember I had to mute myself on the phone during the conversation just to scream and then unmute and play it cool. It was incredible.”

Things got more incredible once the Edge got involved and the song began growing into a U2-like stadium anthem. Before Garrix knew it, he was flying off to Monaco to record it with them in person. “I had goosebumps in the studio the entire time” Garrix said, “because it’s Bono standing next to me singing the song.”

Earlier this month, Martin Garrix announced on social media Bono and the Edge will feature on this song. Then he flew to London where they shot the music video, promotional videos and photos.

Alongside the official song, Martin Garrix will also produce the official walkout music, as well as music for use in all official broadcasts. Euro2020 is the biggest soccer tournament in Europe. Martin Garrix should perform live with Bono and The Edge from Rome’s Stadium at the opening on June 11th, and in London for the closing matches, on July 11st.


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