Martin Garrix in duet with a street musician

Original article published in 20 Minutes (Switzerland) - November 24th 2018

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The Dutch DJ has teamed up with Mike Yung, known for singing in the New York subway, for the title "Dreamer". A very nice collaboration

Martin Garrix has released Friday, November 2, 2018 the song "Dreamer" in duet with singer Mike Yung. If this 58-year-old New Yorker is almost unknown in Europe, it is not the same in the USA. This street musician was indeed semi-finalist of the show "America's Got Talent" in 2017 after that one of his videos where he sings in the subway in New York has become viral.

"Mike is an amazing singer. I fell in love with his voice after watching a video where he sings in the subway, which he has been doing for 38 years. His story is incredible" slipped Martin Garrix at a press conference. The world's best DJ, 22, invited him to Amsterdam to compose "Dreamer". "This title is moving. It traces Mike's roller coaster life" he added.

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