Set me free

Release Date : October 07th, 2014
Medium : Streaming + Videoclip + Website
Label : Spinnin' Records
Produced by :Dillon Francis, Martin Garrix.

Set me free

with Dillon

Set me free is the fifth single from the album Money Sucks, Friends Rule by Dillon Francis, this title was produced in collaboration with Martin Garrix.

Set me free reached the Top 1 of the Belgium Dance Bubbling Under (Flanders) and the 24th place of the US Hot Dance / Electro of Billboard, in the United States.

The video clip comes out a year later. A visual UFO in which we find a light or mocking atmosphere of the system (American patriotism, mass movements, fans ...) all in a graphic worked kitch with cut-out videos, cut and very loaded. A website, in the same vein, is launched simultaneously (see link elsewhere) which contains advertisements and unusual links (child playing the electric guitar, photo of Martin Garrix on the beach, fake ads ...)

garrixers Videoclip