Release Date : June 17th, 2013
Medium : Streaming + Videoclip
Label : Spinnin' Records
Produced by : Martin Garrix.


On June 17th, 2013, when it was released, Animals is already a hit. It reached Beatspot's Top 1 without any difficulty, and rose to the top of the overall sales charts of all types (No. 1 in the UK, Belgium and Australia, No. 2 in France and Switzerland ...).

The single was the subject of a teasing campaign that worked very well. Now, almost everyone know the name Martin Garrix.

In August 2013, Martin's Facebook reaches 100,000 fans. This is the beginning of a flight that makes you dizzy (15 million Facebook fans, 8 million on Twitter and 15 million on Instagram in 2018).

garrixers Videoclip

Directed by Mark Loonen.

garrixers Lyrics

Instrumental, no words.

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